We are a young team of innovative, passionate programmers and artists making fun games and software. Located in EU, in a small country called Slovenia. Our programming journey started in college and we still upgrading the knowledge we got during our study. We already made a few small games for college projects and a few for our own fun at home. Currently we are working on our first big project, called 'Mining Machinery Co., Operation: Seeker', it's a 2D sandbox mining game for PC, where players will be able to search for different materials underground, battle enemies, build and craft.

Latest update [April 4, 2013]

Website got a new look. Scrollable mini map has been added.
The development has slowed down due to finding other means of getting finances to finish our project.

[March 19, 2013]

Amy was updated (more details on the hair and shirt). Basic updates were finished for each starting slot on the robot.

[March 15, 2013]

Finished Amy, player assistant and researcher.

[March 13, 2013]

Progress video: added building spaceship, scrollable crafting bar, research, upgrades.

[March 7, 2013]

Current base inventory picture (crafting on the right side and already working). Crafting bar will be made scrollable soon.

Current menu picture (text will change later and some changes will be also made to this):

[March 4, 2013]

New video of current progress:

[March 3, 2013]

Added background (upper smoky city type and bottom dirt-rock type), changed the look of most tiles. Quick bar works for placing dirt and stone on the map (other things will be added later; like dynamite etc.).

Added a a few bars:
- Energy bar (used for crafting and researching)
- Oil bar (for filling fuel reservoir)
- Research bar (for researching new technologies)
- Shield bar (for reducing incoming damage from enemies)
- Health bar (already existed; robot health)
- Fuel bar (already existed; robot fuel - for jet, digging)

[March 2, 2013]

Added base and fuel reservoir on map, also quick bar (seen all the time) and base inventory (seen only when inventory is open and when robot is near the base). Still missing crafting buttons (will be added soon). Player is able to drag and drop items between bars.

Better view of fuel reservoir (will be better seen in the game when the background is drawn):

[February 28, 2013]

Random map generator is finished. Here are some sample maps created (100x100 tiles).
Base on the planet, where the crafting, equipping, upgrading and repair will take place (as soon as the robot comes to it).
Bars to be crafted from ore are also finished.

[February 25, 2013]

From today on we are on Indiegogo, please share and help as much as you can (Indiegogo campaign). Thank you!

[February 22, 2013]

Picture for the main menu is finally finished.

[February 21, 2013]

We made a small video so you can see how it looks in this very early stage.
Robot has a few jets now, also there is inventory, tool tips...

[February 13, 2013]

As we don't have a graphics designer yet, we are trying to draw ourselves.
Starting tiles are already made and look like this:

To see how will they look in the actual game we made a small map:

Starting project:
Mining Machinery Co.,
Operation: Seeker
[February 11, 2013]

It is year 2254 and our planet Earth is in great trouble. The air is so toxic that no living form can survive outside without protection. Only option for the remaining survivors is to use a remote controlled robot to find needed materials to build a spaceship and leave this planet to find a new place to live.

Story starts on Earth, continues on Mars and other planets when colonists find proper technology to upgrade their spaceship to fly further. Each planet contains different materials (stones, minerals, ore and more)

Game is a 2D sandbox mining game, where players will be able to search for different materials underground. This is just a quick 'peek', more details coming soon!

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